Layena Crumbles

Nutrition and Information

Purina® Layena® layer feed provides all 38 nutrients laying hens need once they’re 18 weeks old and laying eggs. Feeding Purina® Layena® layer feed to your hens provides you with delicious and nutritious eggs that your family and community can enjoy. The exclusive Purina® Oyster Strong® System strengthens eggshells with added calcium from oyster shells, Vitamin D and manganese. Our Crumbles are wholesome and balanced, supporting reproductive and overall health with no need to supplement.

Purina® Layena® Layer Feed is available in pellets or crumbles. Pellets and crumbles include the same nutrition, so choosing between the two is a personal preference. Pellets are a great way to limit feed waste.

Purina® Layena® pellets and crumbles are available in 10 lb., 25 lb., 40 lb. and 50 lb. bags.

Life Stage: Laying Hens

Type: Complete Feed

Nutrient Analysis:

Nutrient                                Min / Max                            Amount

Crude Protein                      MIN                                        16.00 %

Lysine                                    MIN                                        0.70 %

Methionine                          MIN                                        0.30 %

Crude Fat                              MIN                                        2.50 %

Crude Fiber                          MAX                                       6.50 %

Calcium (Ca)                        MIN                                        3.25 %

Calcium (Ca)                        MAX                                       4.25 %

Phosphorus (P)                   MIN                                        0.45 %

Salt (NaCl)                            MIN                                        0.30 %

Salt (NaCl)                            MAX                                       0.80 %

Manganese (Mn)                MIN                                        100 PPM

Vitamin A                             MIN                                        3,000 IU/LB

Vitamin D3                           MIN                                        800 IU/LB

Vitamin E                              MIN                                        12 IU/LB