Honor Show Chow Show Lamb Creep Pellet DX

Nutrition and Information

Honor® Show Showlamb Creep Pellet DX feed is designed as a creep feed for show lambs through weaning. This feed is pelleted and medicated with Deccox® to help prevent coccidiosis. Honor® Show Showlamb Creep Pellet DX feed is supported by Purina knowledge, experience and research. Get your best animals on Honor® Show Showlamb Creep Pellet DX feed today so they can reach their full potential.

Features & Benefits

Added Ammonium Chloride

Helps to reduce incidence of urinary calculi (water belly)


A uniquely formulated fungal enzyme ingredient containing both Aspergillus oryzae and Aspergillus niger. Fungal enzymes help in the digestibility of fibrous feedstuffs, thereby helping support growth performance

Correct balance of protein and energy

Makes young lambs bloom

Fortified with high levels of vitamins and minerals

Fully fortified to meet the requirements of fast growing, heavily muscled lambs.

Includes Diamond V®

Aids in replenishing rumen microorganisms, support ration intake and digestibility all targeted at improving the nutrient intake of stressed animals

Includes Zinpro®

Helps maximize growth and muscle development; allows lambs to reach their full potential

Medicated with Deccox® (decoquinate)

For the prevention of coccidiosis


Helps reduce sorting

Quality protein sources

Fast growth and muscle development

Highly digestible, essential amino acids translate into fast growth and muscle development

Very palatable, proprietary flavor

Gets young lambs on feed quickly