Honor Show Chow Poultry Grower

Nutrition and Information

Honor® Show Poultry Grower is a nutritionally complete, balanced ration ideal for broilers from 15 through 43 days of age and turkeys from 4 through 18 weeks of age. This 26% protein diet is designed to continue the development of chickens and turkeys to their full genetic potential for shows.

Our new line of HONOR® Show Poultry feeds have been formulated with the latest technology. Now with Amprolium (for prevention and control of coccidiosis) AND Flavomycin (for growth promotion), Ambitine® Feed Technology to support gut health, Alleviate® Feed Technology to maintain proper gastric pH in show stressed birds, plus a higher energy content to support growth and development. Purina® HONOR® Show’s Poultry feeds can help you earn that banner.

Form: Pelleted

Type: Complete Feed

Nutrient Analysis:

Nutrient                      Min / Max                   Amount

Crude Protein             MIN                             26.00 %

Lysine                          MIN                             1.50 %

Methionine                 MIN                             0.55 %

Crude Fat                    MIN                             4.50 %

Crude Fiber                 MAX                            3.50 %

Ash                              MAX                            9.00 %

Calcium (Ca)                MIN                             1.10 %

Calcium (Ca)                MAX                            1.60 %

Phosphorus (P)           MIN                             0.70 %

Salt (NaCl)                   MIN                             0.25 %

Salt (NaCl)                   MAX                            0.75 %

Sodium (Na)                MAX                            0.51 %

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